Victim Services Unit (VSU)


The Victim Services Unit (VSU) is a volunteer based program serving unincorporated Adams County. The VSU operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide on-scene crisis intervention to victims and families of criminal and critical incidents.

We would like to assist you, and/or your family, with any of the following:

  • Understanding your rights as they pertain to the Victims’ Rights Act (VRA)

  • Assisting you, and/or your family, with concerns about safety and security immediately following a criminal incident

  • Answering questions about the criminal justice process and what will likely happen next

  • How to seek financial compensation and the eligibility requirements for expenses incurred as a result of a crime defined in the VRA

  • To help contact family, friends, employers on your behalf when the words are too difficult to say

  • Explaining the emotional burden you may experience as a result of the incident

  • Assisting you with a long term safety plan that could help you and/or your family remain safe

  • Determining which local resources will ensure that your household remains functional

  • Leaving informational material to help answer questions that may develop along the way


720-322-1240, 720-322-1242 and 720-322-1243

Emergency: 911

*Note: VSU response is at the discretion of the responding officer and the victim/witness at the time of the initial incident.


Sunday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Adams County Sheriff's Office Substation

4201 E. 72nd Ave., Commerce City


  • Recognize the impact of violence on the lives of victims and families who live and work in our community. Work with them to achieve safety, prevent future violence, and educate about the effects of criminal and critical incidents.

  • Offer compassion, non-judgmental support, understanding, and respect.

  • Provide information, education, and advocacy that will contribute to empowerment, dignity, and self-determination.

  • Provide a dependable environment that allows individuals affected by criminal and critical incidents to begin to regain a sense of control over their lives and trust in others.

  • Support individuals in a capacity that will allow for emotional growth, positive change, and independent decision making.

  • Keep all client information confidential.


The Victim Services Unit would like the first opportunity to assist you with any questions, comments, or concerns you may be having at any point during the law enforcement process. Our goal is to offer the best support, resources, and assistance with finding answers to questions regarding your case to the very best of our ability. However, if you feel we have failed to meet this objective, you may also request assistance from the Division of Criminal Justice Office for Victims' Programs at 303-239-5719 or 1-888-282-1080.


The Constitution of the State of Colorado [Section 24-4.1-302(1) C.R.S] guarantee certain rights to victims of certain criminal acts. Click below to view the list. 

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