Civil Process



Almost all services performed by the Civil Section have fees associated with them. Payment of all fees for service must be in advance.

Fees are payable by cash, personal check, cashier's check or money order. Cash must be for the exact amount. Checks and money orders must be payable to "Adams County Sheriff's Office."

If you are due a refund, a check will be mailed to you. If you require further information on fees, contact the Civil Section at (303) 655-3272.

Field Services

​All field services performed by the Civil Section are completed by a uniformed Sheriff's Deputy. If your task requires a return of service, it will be e-mailed or mailed by post to you. Summons in Unlawful Detainers due to the short court date will be sent directly to the court for you.

Service Information

​Service of papers is based on information you provide us. The better the quality of the information you provide, the better the chances of successful service. To help us locate the person to be served, please complete and print a Service Information Form and submit it with the papers to be served.

Address Information

​Mailing Address:

Adams County Sheriff, Attn: Civil Division, 4430 S. Adams County Pkwy., 1st Floor, Suite W5400, Brighton, CO 80601

Physical Address: 1100 Judicial Center Dr., Brighton CO 80601 (DO NOT MAIL TO THIS ADDRESS) 


Protection Order

To obtain a protection order, you must first contact the Adams/Broomfield County Courts. When a Protection Order is issued by the court, the plaintiff must have a disinterested person over the age of 18 years serve the defendant. There may be a fee, if you are requesting this services of the Sheriff's Civil Section. Almost all services performed by the Civil Section have fees associated with them.

Refer to the Civil Fee Schedule. After obtaining the protection order, bring it to the Adams County Sheriff's Office Civil Section to arrange for service. This is located at the Adams County Justice Center, 1100 Judicial Center Drive, Brighton, Colorado.

Prior to going to court, you may wish to call 303-637-7761 Project Safeguard, a non-profit organization committed to helping end domestic violence by holding society responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing sanctions against abusers while increasing safety and survival options for abused women and their children.

Civil Fee Schedule

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Eviction Information

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Service Information Form (English)

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Formulario de Informacion paral el Servicio Civil

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