Inmate Funds

You can now put money on a Bond Account that is set aside for Bonding only and cannot be used for anything other than Bonding. If you want to place money for the inmate to use during their stay, you must choose Trust Account for commissary or phone calls.

Credit Card payments are accepted at the Access Secured Deposits phone number or website seen below. Western Union walk in deposits are no longer accepted.

Access Secured Toll Free Phone Deposits: 1-866-345-1884 (As low as $6.95)

Access Secured Internet Deposits: (As low as $4.95)

Click here


Accepted at the Detention Facility kiosk.


Accepted for inmate commissary purchases but will not go into an inmate's account until the next business day. Make money orders payable to ACDF or Adams County Detention Facility.


Inmates are assessed a $30 booking fee that is collected upon their arrest. Any monies put into an inmate's account will automatically have the booking fee deducted.


The telephone system available to the inmates is owned and operated by an independent company, HomeWAV. All calls (local and long distance) are collect calls and will be billed to the party accepting the call. Charges differ according to the area being called. To set up an account to allow inmates to call only you please visit or via the mobile app on iPhone or Android device.