Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Handgun Permit

In 2014, after reviewing the applicable Federal Statutes, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office ceased the practice of issuing permits in order to comply with Federal Law. The laws only specify that an honorably separated Law Enforcement Officer need only carry retirement/separation credentials issued by the agency he or she separated from, and proof of handgun qualification within the previous one year period to carry a concealed handgun.

​If you are honorably separated from a Colorado Law Enforcement agency, C.R.S. 24-33.5-112 mandates issuance of retirement credentials to retirees in good standing. If you separated from an out-of-state agency, you need to obtain “good standing” credentials to be covered by HR218.

House Bill 218

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The Adams County Sheriff's Office FLATROCK Regional Training Center will accommodate retired Law Enforcement Officers needing to qualify with a firearm on the first Tuesday of each month between 12:00 Noon to 1:00PM with a confirmation. This facility is located at 23600 E 125th Avenue, Brighton CO. Retirees can qualify at any range where a P.O.S.T course is offered.

Those wishing to qualify must meet the criteria specified in the above listed HR 218. Retirees MUST contact FLATROCK Regional Training Center at 720-523-7500 to confirm space and time at the range. All shooters must bring their retirement credentials, eye and ear protection, the firearm they intend to carry, and factory ammunition. No reloads or non-standard ammunition will be allowed on the range. Your weapon an ammunition will be inspected for safety before being allowed on the range. The qualification course will be as determined by range staff. A LEOSA Range qualification form must be legible and complete.

LEOSA Range Qualification Form

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