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Resident Alien Supplementary Questionnaire (If you answered "yes" to question 14, you must complete this form.)

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General Firearms Questions

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Address Change Form/Name Change/Lost & Stolen

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Concealed Handgun Permit Reciprocity

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Do I need a concealed handgun permit?

Only if you plan to carry a handgun on your person, hidden from the view of others when out of your car, home, or business.

Application and Scheduling

How long does the application process take from start to finish?

Currently there is high citizen demand for application appointments. There may be a wait of 120 days or more for an open application appointment. Once submitted, the maximum time by law is 90 days. The Team issues most permits within 60 to 90 days after application.

How do I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel or change your appointment through the link in the confirmation email you will receive after booking an appointment or through the link in the reminder email you will receive 48 hours before your appointment. You can also call the CHP team at (303) 655-3210 to cancel your appointment.

Can I get in the next day or session if I missed my appointment?

No. Failure to show is NOT the same as cancelling. If you fail to show for your appointment, you must schedule another session in the online calendar. We urge you to keep your scheduled appointment if at all possible.

I heard that there is a waiting list and someone will call me when a spot opens up?

Waitlist options are not a guaranteed spot. It is recommended that you book a guaranteed spot in addition to any waitlist entries you sign up for. You will receive an email if a waitlist spot opens up.

Name Change

What do I need if I change my name?

Fill out the Name Change form. Bring in with name change documentation (i.e. marriage certificate; court order, etc.) as well as your valid driver's license issued in your new name.

Address Change

If I move out of county before my permit has been processed, will I have to reapply in the new county?

No. You will need to provide an address change form with a note in the comments section of the form that you have not received your permit yet and email to [email protected].

Do I need to inform you if I move?

Yes. Fill out the change of address form and email it to [email protected].

I've been out of the military for many years. Why do I still have to show my DD214?

Per Federal law, anyone dishonorably discharged from the U. S. military may not own or carry a weapon. To obtain military documents online, click here to visit the National Archives Online Search. In addition, by providing proof of military service, you will receive a discount on the cost of a new or renewal permit.

Renewing a CHP

Will you notify me when it is time to renew my permit?

We will not notify you. You may renew up to 120 days before and up to 180 days after your permit expires. If you renew your permit within 180 days after it has expired, there is a $15 late fee, per Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-211. After the 180 day period, the permit is considered permanently expired, and may not be renewed.

If you no longer reside in Adams County you must renew in the County of your current residence or provide documentation that you own property in Adams County.

Damage, Lost, & Stolen Permits

My permit is faded to the point that I cannot read it. What do I do?

Bring it to the Sheriff's Office HQ in Brighton for replacement, free of charge.

My permit was lost/stolen. What do I do?

Report it stolen to the law enforcement agency where it was last seen. Bring the completed report, valid picture ID such as drivers license or passport, and $15 to the Sheriff's Office HQ in Brighton. We will have you complete a Permit Lost or Destroyed form, receive your payment and replace your permit.