Academy Expanded

The ACSO POST Academy is a 21-22 week program which is designed to prepare graduates for a career in law enforcement.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Academy trains cadets from multiple state agencies. Cadets, who successfully graduate, move on to work as police officers, deputy sheriffs, fire and rescue personnel, CBI agents, and state gaming agents throughout Colorado. Qualified instructors teach the academy curriculum, which covers all State of Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements. To graduate, cadets must pass all POST certification tests.

Candidates who are selected to attend the Academy will be offered employment in a cadet position and receive a monthly salary, tuition and benefits. The candidate will be required to sign a training agreement committing to two continuous years of employment with the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Each Academy Instructor will demand integrity and accountability from each candidate, and the Academy's regimented atmosphere will set a tone of professionalism that each candidate is expected to adhere to.

Candidates must pass a POST certification test and all three skill disciplines in order to graduate. Classes are taught by qualified instructors. Areas of instruction include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration of Justice

  • Basic Law

  • Community Interaction

  • Patrol Procedures

  • Traffic Control

  • Investigative Procedures

  • Communications

  • Firearms

  • Defensive and High Speed Driving

  • Arrest Control

  • Physical Fitness

  • Leadership​